6 Low-Cost Internet Marketing Strategies You Can Use Without Losing Your Shirt

If you’re running any kind of business and looking for ways to raise your online profile, then you’ll benefit a lot from some simple Internet Marketing strategies.

Now the good thing is, you don’t have to spend millions of dollars just to get some decent exposure for your company. There are ways to get your business noticed without blowing a hole in your advertisement budget.

Here are some simple ways to increase the visibility of your business without shelling out more than you can afford.

However, all these techniques need patience and some footwork to produce the best results. Despite what some would have you believe, there’s no magic button you can push to get ‘instant’ attention. You have to put the groundwork in first.

OK, it stands to reason you need a website before you can make use of these low-cost Internet marketing strategies.

So go create one or hire a web developer if you haven’t already got a site up and running.

Use the site to advertise your products and services by employing the following Internet marketing techniques:

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the process of recruiting a network of smaller websites, or net savvy individuals – known as ‘affiliates’ – to drive targeted traffic to your website. You provide your affiliates with tools like Ad copy and links to send visitors to your site so they buy from you.

You have to pay a certain percentage of each sale to your affiliates. Make sure this percentage is high enough to attract good affiliate marketers and they’ll work hard on your behalf promoting your products.

It’s a good win-win situation all round.

2. Back Links

One of your goals should be to achieve page one rankings with search engines like Google.

A good way to do this is through link building. This can be done through trading links to other businesses and websites that are complimentary with yours.

In fact, back-linking is considered to be a top strategy by a lot of Internet marketers.

3. Newsletters

Sending out Newsletters to your subscribers (those who signed up for your newsletters) will help greatly in establishing a good  relationship with your customers or prospective customers.

The best Newsletters are content rich, consistent and written in a conversational tone.

Never be scared to send out regular newsletters, as your readers will soon be eagerly looking forward to them, if you provide good, useful content.

4. E-mail Marketing

One of the most cost-effective Internet marketing tools you can ever use.

Email marketing is still one of the best ways of keeping in touch with your customers and keeping them aware of your products and services.

There are a number of excellent Autoresponder services you can sign up to that make email marketing easy.

Just make sure you avoid spamming your subscribers or you’ll soon get a lot complaints and you could fall foul of the ISPs and other agencies.

No one likes spam, so do email marketing the right way.

5. Articles

Write quality content and post articles on your website educating visitors about your products and services.

The search engines will soon learn to love your site and index you highly in their search results.

And getting your website indexed by popular search engines means more traffic for you – and more sales.

6. Forums

Another zero-cost way of expanding your web presence is through joining forums that discuss things related to your products and services.

Actively posting responses to readers questions and offering valuable information will build your reputation.

Plus, you can boost your company’s visibility through your ‘signature file’. After posting some great content for a few weeks, start to use sig files at the end of every post.

Skillfully done, sig files can contain links to your website to drive new visitors and sales at no cost to you.

So now you have six low/no-cost ways of driving traffic to your site. Use these methods consistantly and you should see increased traffic and sales of your products and services.

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