Need proof what I do actually works?

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s always reassuring when you see ACTUAL results, so you can be certain what we’re doing together – really is – the real deal.

So here’s a few Clients I’ve worked with to increase their business, plus some Testimonials, to help you make up your own mind…

“Warning – not all copywriters are the same! There can be a great mystery to this copywriting lark – a mystique probably enhanced by egocentric copywriters creating and believing their own hype, so, it’s either a question of learning copy yourself or taking a risk with an unknown quantity. A risk you really won’t be able to fully evaluate until you’ve parted with hard cash.

For some time we were aware that we had a significant gap in our team – we needed a copywriter who could not only produce results for us but someone who could grasp concepts quickly and input their own ideas and thoughts in a pro-active and practical way.

Some time ago, we took on the professional services of Frank Edwards to fill this gap which he has done to a level that exceeds all our expectations.

Frank writes effective copy, communicates well, has a passion for his subject, actually involving himself with your business … and he won’t walk away when the writings done; he’ll be there to offer advice and help with subsequent ‘testing’ of his copy.

Frank has become an indispensable part of our team and we now regularly consult with him, not only for his copywriting, but also in developing further ideas and projects. We highly recommend his services no matter what the size of your business.”

David Mason – Mowbray Publishing Ltd.

“Since you rewrote our website copy we’ve had an increase of about 60% in our course bookings.

And everyone on the courses say they liked the way our website was so different to all the other Bushcraft sites they’d been to.  Thanks Frank!”

Hannah Nicholls – Natural Pathways – Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival School

“I hired Frank to create some sales letter pages and autorespoder emails. All I can say is grab him while you can.

He is one of the best in the business, a pleasure to work with and thoroughly nice guy.

His work is excellent and is always happy to do tweaks should you need them. He works very fast and his knowledge in this field and approach to writing is simply awesome.

He always over delivers, so believe me you will not be disappointed!”

Lawrence Leyton – Motivational Speaker, Peak Performance Coach and Entrepreneur

Neil Stafford and Neil Travers (The Two Neils) - Top UK Information Marketers

“Excellent writing.

Man, you are really on your way to not only doing this, but to doing this BETTER than 99% of copywriters out there — keep it up!”

Jay White – Direct Response Copywriter – Email

“Frank, many thanks for the webpage you wrote to get some volunteers for my University research project.

Although it was short notice, I was amazed and delighted when twenty people responded and nine signed up in less than a week!

I couldn’t have asked for more and I would really have struggled to complete the research project without your help.  Thanks again,  Geoff”

Geoffrey McMullan BEM, MSc – Pathfinder School Of Natural Awareness & Tracking

Brittany Lynch - The AdWords Insider
Neil Asher - Successful Life Coach and Entrepreneur

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